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Notebook and Pen

Don McLean

Fiction, Mystery Writer

Don McLean was born and raised in Regina, Saskatchewan. He is an experienced critical care nurse and has worked as a registered nurse in CCU, SICU, emergency rooms, and air ambulance. He has also shared his nursing and pharmaceutical knowledge in the classroom. His experience and the stories that wove themselves throughout his work contributed greatly to The Game. He continues to work, now in research, while enjoying time with his wife Lori and their two children, Jordan and Megan.

The Game

Now Launched!

March 2019

This traditional-style murder mystery takes place in the unlikely setting of a hospital where an innocuous game, which medical staff play to hone their professional skills, provides the stimulus for murder. When Katlin’s long-time friend dies mysteriously just as she is to be discharged from the hospital, Katlin and her colleague Palmer start stalking clues. Soon, they become convinced that a killer is taking advantage of the hospital environment to cover up deadly crime and using techniques that might have been learned during the game.  But why would a medical professional, trained to alleviate physical and mental health, decide to murder seemingly random hospital patients? And why is this hospital the killer’s target? Is the killer cold-blooded or suffering from some sort of delusion? With the whole hospital’s staff as potential suspects, this whodunit is sure to keep the amateur sleuths guessing.

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